Automated Qubes OS Installation using Kickstart and/or PXE Network Boot

For anyone curious about how to batch-install Qubes OS, this guide by the Fedora Project is incredibly helpful:

This will be helpful for:

  • Anyone considering deploying Qubes OS in a work environment

    • Quick and easy remote installation of work machines
    • Can be deployed onto a PXE server, via NFS, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS
    • Initial Install and First Boot options can be completely customised.
    • Every Qubes OS install already comes with Kickstart files. For anyone curious, check your dom0 root directory for /root/anaconda-ks.cfg and /root/initial-setup-ks.cfg.
    • The PXE server could even potentially be an AppVM on another Qubes OS machine :scream:
  • Anyone who needs a “quick and painless” zero-interaction way to install Qubes OS

    • Maybe your laptop is lost/stolen/damaged/seized, and you want to get back your custom-configured Qubes OS back up and running ASAP. Just plug it in, PXE network boot, go get a coffee, and you’ll have your Qubes OS machine back before you know it!
    • Maybe you created an awesome Qubes OS which you’ve spent a long time configuring and tweaking, and you want to share it with other people. You could set up a PXE server with the ISO and your Kickstart file. All the other person needs to do is boot from your PXE server, and the installer does the rest!
    • Maybe you just want to run your Qubes OS dom0 in RAM. With a bit of tweaking this guide could be adapted to that purpose…

I’m writing a Qubes OS-specific guide derived from these guides, and I will upload it when it’s ready. (It’s on my list of things to do :kissing:)

Now all we need is a GUI tool for developing SaltStack configs that create 100% custom VMs (I’m not going to lie, I’m a little confused by the .top and .sls files, where they go, why they can’t just be a single file etc., but I’m trying!), and we’ve got a 100% automated, easy-to-use, and zero-interaction method to set up every single aspect of a Qubes OS machine :sunglasses:

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@alzer89 This work you’re doing here is very awesome and very useful!

I can’t wait to use your Qubes-specific guide for the steps on how to implement this in Qubes.

Here is what I’d love to do with this:

I’d love to have a custom configured Live/tmpfs/RAM-based Qubes OS sitting on a network share (NFS, etc), where I can then network boot from this OS image from several different computers that then do not need any storage drive in them.

The intention is to create Disposable Qubes OS physical machines that have no storage drives in them.

This way, the Qubes OS config can be centrally updated and deployed, and also any data files can be stored & accessed over the network too.

The endpoint user computers would then store nothing on them and need no storage drives within them, similar to Disposable Qubes, but for the entire physical machines.

This would be a great centralized infrastructure setup for family homes, company offices, or advanced personal security isolation setups.

Can’t wait to start seeing your Qubes-specific guide come to life now soon.

Thank you!

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@alzer89 Here are some Qubes Salt resources that may be useful to your work on this:







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