Auto spam filter?

I have just completed a long post where I did one edit that was minor. After that I noticed that I didn’t capitalize an “I” so I edited it again only to have it picked up by the auto spam filter with the post now hidden. Does this filter have to be so sensitive? Really?

Sorry for being precious, but this is on top of the irritations that I wrote the post about!

I just hope that the post gets up. I really don’t feel like doing it again.

Does this should go to forum feedback?

It seems so. I moved it.

It looks like a problem with Discourse forums in general, but perhaps @deeplow knows more.

It’s approved by now. This may happen to new users but after you use the forum for a bit (as you probably already did) it should never happen again.

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Thanks for explaining things to me about this. An automated thing combined with my newness makes perfect sense.

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