Auto Mount Block Device

I am trying to set up KeePassXC, but my database file is stored on a external hard drive. I can give my vault qube access to the block device I need manually via the GUI, but it takes a while to go through. Would there be a way to automatically give my qube access to the block device? If I can get that part working, I should be able to add the block device to the fstab to have it mounted every time at boot.

You can try something like this in dom0:

qvm-block attach --persistent vmname dom0:diskname

Then, use /rw/config/rc.local in your qube to mount it (fstab is not persistent inside an app qube):

mount /dev/xvdiX /mnt

fstab is not persistent inside an app qube

forgot about that part :frowning:

qvm-block attach --persistent vmname dom0:diskname

This command did the trick though. The rc.local file also worked:

sudo mount -t vfat -o uid=1000,gid=1000 /dev/xvdi /home/user/.local/state/KeePassXC/

I had to change the permissions that the filesystem was mounted with, but that’s all.


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