August 2022 - How to install Windows 11?


I’ve been using Qubes for a couple of months now, and I think I’m almost ready to make it my daily driver. Today, I wanted to install Windows 11 and I got pretty confused about the best way to install it as a template and maintain it afterwards.

I started here Contents/docs/os/windows at master · Qubes-Community/Contents · GitHub.
qvm-create-windows-qube seems to be the way to go for me, but the text states “A more streamlined and secure installation process with packaging will be shipping with Qubes R4.1.”

Is there a more streamlined process now? I have tried to find it but I’m unable to locate.

Could someone please point me in the right direction?



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Have you visit the Community Docs already?
There’s an step by step doc for a Windows installation → here

related links:

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Thanks. The problem is not the lack of documentation. It is more a problem of finding out what 's the best way in august 2022.

Hi, I’ve installed it like 1-2 months ago by digging through the available guides/threads in here. I had to open the regedit I think once or twice during the installation to bypass the mandatory microsoft account creation, besides that I even managed to install the Qubes Tools, so now I have copy/paste and more between the Win11 and other qubes.

I do not think anything has changed since I installed it (1-2 months ago) up till now, and it was easy enough that I’d discourage to install on dom0 the windows template (since it’s not official).

Good luck!

hmmm yes. The only what I can write is, to install (a standalone) via an iso file from another qube. For Windows11 the thing is - to edit the registry as they wrote (for the tree or four reg-entries) so the install would move on, without the TPM, CPU and … checks.
I’m in the developer preview channel and also have a dll file, which I always have to insert (overwrite) in the install folder at 8 or 9% during the install process.
Can give you that one, if you also want these weekly updates…

For the tools installation under Qubes R4.1, better use the link