Audio stuttering

If I attempt to watch any video online or listen to any audio only files online there is extreme stuttering. I have tried qubes based on both Fedora and Debian as well as different browsers in each of these qubes. It does not appear to make a difference. I have also turned off hardware acceleration in these browsers which made no change. Other than the 2 qubes made to test different browsers, I have not made any changes to the settings of the OS.
Youtube is the worst, the stuttering in it is machine gun like and to the point it sounds like it has heavy reverb. 1080p and above are worse but even at 144p it persists.
It seems odd but in an anon-whonix qube with multiple tabs open I do not have this issue regardless what quality I select for videos. For this reason I do not think it is hardware related.
Qubes 4.1.1
i5-10400 processor
Any help in what I may need to look at or change is much appreciated.

No changes made to anything, but today I cannot reproduce the issue. As I type this, I have multiple qubes running, and in them multiple browsers running. All are able to play videos and or audio files perfectly, even at qualities higher than 1080p. This leads me to believe it is not an OS issue, except that other devices connected to the same network but with different OS did not experience the issue when this PC did.
I understand Qubes does not use the processor the same as other OS but I do not understand why the issue I am experiencing appears to be intermittent. I also do not understand why anon-whonix qubes were unaffected when experiencing the issue.
I do not see anything unusual in traffic to explain the issue either.