Audio qube stops streaming audio after suspend(?) sometimes

Sometimes after suspend (might be other times too, but I’ve only made a conscious note after suspend) my audio qube stops being able to play audio.

What happens is that any app-VM that plays for example a video instead freezes and refuses to play further and no sound is played. If I go to by audio qube and open pavucontrol and then I move the volume bar up and down a bit it will produce one sound “frame” that just sounds like a jagged noise, it will play this one sound frame over and over for a while and then stop. The video will also move with 1 frame or something if I do this.

I’ve tried to kill the current pacat-simple-vchan instance and start a new one, however the same issue appears. I’ve also gone to the app-VM and unloaded and again loaded the module-vchan-sink pulse audio module using pacmd however that changed nothing.

I’m curious if anyone has any ideas for where the problem might lie or what it could be or how I should go about debugging this.

From the behavior you are describing, maybe the audio qube is not connected anymore to your other qube ?
In your audio qube, launch pavucontrol, go in the playback section and check if you still see your qube ?

You can try to relaunch the software responsible for the connexion.
In the audio qube

qvm-start-daemon --all --watch

( You may need to “kill -9” the previous instance )

( Never had this issue, just guessing )

The connection is still there, I am able to see the qube which is no longer being able to play audio (in fact no qube is able to play audio when this happens). I can change its volume like described in OP and get it to play one audio “frame” so it is definitely still connected.

I will try qvm-start-daemon --all --watch next time this happens to see what happens.

Once you have the issue, if you launch a new qube and try to play some audio in it, does it work ?

Will need to double-check this once it happens again, but I do not believe it does.

Also I forgot to mention that the only way to fix this is to reboot the entire computer as far as I have seen. I will also check to see if restarting the audio qube solves it.

If only rebooting the computer solve the issue, then maybe it is related to the audio hardware you are using + power management. What do you use for your audio hardware ? ( jack / usb / bluetooth / hdmi / … ? )
Did you tried the snd_hda_intel configuration at the end of this post Setting up an audio VM - #24 by hamenarin ?

I’m using the built-in speakers of my librem 14 laptop for audio hardware.
I have tried the snd_hda_intel configuration, I can’t remember if it made this happen less often, but it definitely didn’t solve the issue.

Can confirm that starting a new qube after the issue appears will stop the new qube from playing audio.

Can also confirm that this does not work. It has the following output

q1: GUI connected to dom0. Skipping.
q2: GUI connected to dom0. Skipping.
q3: GUI connected to dom0. Skipping.
q4: GUI connected to dom0. Skipping.
sys-audio: GUI connected to dom0. Skipping.
sys-firewall: GUI connected to dom0. Skipping.
q5: GUI connected to dom0. Skipping.
sys-net: GUI connected to dom0. Skipping.
sys-usb: GUI connected to dom0. Skipping.
sys-whonix: GUI connected to dom0. Skipping.