Audio (not sys-audio) issues, worked fine before but now no?

I have no idea why but my machine is now starting to (seemingly randomly) have audio issues. I tested the speakers elsewhere and they are fine but for some reason the aduio sometimes just starts sounding “tinny” (I have no idea the word for it). I can be playing something and open another appvm and then it starts. I does not seem to matter which linux distrio I am using, Fed and Deb both seem to have this issue, I can’t seem to consistently reproduce the issue but its driving me nuts. I have tried different audio codecs, tried messing with the audio settings, but nada. When it starts happening I usually have to reboot and it sometimes goes back to normal.
I’d be happy to submit some log files or something but I have no idea where to start.

Maybe the same issue:

Do you have this problem if mixer is opened?

When you say mixer, do you mean the panel that lists all the devices? If yes then yes, I still have the problem when that is open.
I forgot to mention I am using KDE and am running 4.1.2

A new wrikle. When I go to audio in KDE and under device profiles I select “off” instead of “play hifi quality music” and then switch back to “play hifi quality music” the sound goes back to normal for a few seconds but then start sounding tinny again (but its not an imediate switch, in the span of about 2 seconds it becomes more distorted then kinda levels off).

Yes, I meant Audio Mixer from Pulseaudio (pavucontrol).

When did it start? After dom0 update?
Maybe try to use the old dom0 kernel.

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Also you can stop pulseaudio in dom0 with:

systemctl --user stop pulseaudio.socket pulseaudio.service

And then try to play audio in dom0 with speaker-test or aplay to check if the problem is in dom0 or not.


Yes, currently there is no fix.

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Thanks. It was apparently the same issue that you initially mentioned, I didnt know how to open the mixer. Not ideal as its still much quieter than before but at least its usable.
As for when it started, it was a week ago about - I honestly hadnt paid attention to if it correlated with an update or not.
From the bug report it seems like there isn’t currently a fix?

Thank sooo much for you help, while keeping the mixer open isn’t ideal, it is much better than what I had before. Welcome to the forum and thanks!!