Audio / Networking issues with QWT 4.1-65 and Win10 VM

First of all, I already tried to post about this on the Windows QWT 4.1 discussion, but it’s been a month and I got no reply, so I guess that topic was probably dead.
(Testing Windows and QWT in R4.1 - #68 by SP84Piano)

I have issues with sound in a Standalone Win10 HVM with QWT 4.1-65.
When I activate it with qvm-features vm_name audio-model ich6 , it works well only for the first time, but if I reboot the VM, it shows the sound as working and you can select it, however there is no more sound.
Deactivating and reactivating the ich6 or ich9 audio model result in the same issue.
So I can’t have a “persistant sound” working.

Also I can’t seem to get networking to work anymore, with or without Xen PV drivers, and both with DHCP or manual IP settings, I tried everything I could think of, and the network is detected but there is no Internet.

The issue of audio for Windows has been discussed in the Qubes MINISUMMIT 2021.

Thank you for the link. So I looked at the part where better HVM support is mentioned in R4.1 around 32:30, and If I understand correctly, now HVMs use an emulated audio card which is linked to QEMU, and then to pulseaudio, so we can have audio.
Also the same “hybrid” process can be done for simple USB devices.
But how does this relate to the issue of it not working after reboot ? Is there some script to run every time you have to boot an HVM or something like that, or maybe we don’t have a solution for now ?
Either way, it’s very nice to see all the progress that was made for R4.1, I can’t wait for the final release.

Me too. I check every 2-3 hours if 4.1 rc1 has been released .

i think you will have to wait until the end of the year!

That would be very disheartening as Marek suggested that it would be in Sept’21. He said that at the MINISUMMIT 2021 .

did not know that. Marek estimate is obviously better than my hunch. :slight_smile: