Attempting jump from WHS2011 to Qubes with older hardware

My USB drive boots fine but it can’t select a drive to install the distro on. Verbose install gives no obvious error. I cant generate a HCL. but snapshots from Verbobose can possible give clues to the problem that terminates the install and the reason it goes into boot cycles.

Supermicro X9SLC MoBo with Xenon E31220 CPU on 8gb ram, 16TB Raid1 on Intel.
USB drive is fresh 16gb SanDisk downloaded and verified on Raspian then used Rufus on a windows machine. There are three different screenshots from a video I took during verbose install. The forum lets me upload only one. Will try to get the other two uploaded next.

So close yet so far. Help anybody?

The OP has the last frame before reboot. Here is the prior one:

And the beginning of the install:

Last frame is actually this one:

Sorry for confusing the thumbnail on the OP.