Attach a second monitor

Hello all,

I would like to connect a second monitor to my desktop PC. Qubes would not recognize it. Is there a way round it?


Could you give us more details about your setup? Which laptop do you have, which second monitor? Which Qubes version? Do you run Qubes with xfce (default) or with KDE? If it’s xfce, you could try to make it work with KDE.

If you have a laptop, press FN and F7 or whatever key with laptop and weird external rectangle, and then select settings if you are using XFCE.

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Hello everybody, I have a desktop computer HP and I I use a dell monitor. I would like to attach a second dell monitor. I use Qubes version 4 with the latest update/upgrade. I use xfce.

There are two versions 4 of Qubes OS: 4.0 and 4.1. Which one? AFAIK, external screens are managed by the xfce. If you use 4.0, you should upgrade to 4.1 and see if it starts to work. If not, you can try to install KDE. In any case, don’t forget about backups.