Asus Zenbook UX325E Sound Issue

Installed Qubes 4.1 on Asus Zenbook UX325E. Initially brightness control and sound control as well as any kind of sound output was not available. I updated Dom0 Kernel to the latest version and after this update brightness controls are working fine. Sound via headphones is also working now. But no speaker output. Also volume control keys just show volume level animation changing but actually sound remains the same. What else needs to be done for this issue? Really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Hi @AVH ,
welcome to the Qubes-OS world.
First look basic stuff, with the audio mixer : left click on the Volume icon in the tray area from XFCE panel, choose Audio Mixer (or Q menu > System tools > PulseAudio Volume Control). Here, go to the Output devices and Configuration tabs and experiment the settings.

Off topic: Is your laptop works well with Qubes? Please do an HCL report. It will be useful for the next users.

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Note also that @marcomafiano reported that the Integrated speaker works for its Asus Zenbook UX325SA :

@marcomafiano : any advice to @AVH ?

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Thanks for your reply. I tried playing with these settings but the issue remains. The sound indicator under output devices is moving but there is no actual sound through speakers. Apart from this issue Qubes is running absolutely great on my laptop.

I don’t have any advice unfortunately.
Bear in mind though that mine is the AMD version UM325SA not UX. UX should be the Intel version, right? Might be that ASUS uses a different soundcard for the AMD models.
I am using kernel-latest 5.16.18. After setting up the audio mixer, like @ludovic described, internal speaker and USB-C audio are working fine.
Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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Yes. Mine in Intel Core i7 laptop. but overall i am ok with this limitation at present. not affecting my daily work as such. will wait for further updates.

This could be perfect opportunity to try to set sys-audio which might work then