Asus vivobook 15 ( ice lake processor)

hello everyone,
I want to permanently remove windows 10 from the pc (due to various viruses) and install qubes os. I would like to format the pc with windows and then install qubes os on a new internal ssd
I was wondering and wanted to ask you if it was possible to install qubes os on a new internal ssd (via SATA adapter) and then mount it on the laptop by removing the old one? I have an asus vivobook 15 (ice lake processor). I don’t know if qubes is compatible with this laptop’s hardware.

I’d say “good chance” that Qubes is compatible – worth a try. So, you’re keeping the old SSD inside the laptop for now and connected the new “internal” SSD externally via sata-to-usb adapter to see if Qubes works, correct?

hello res9. Thank you for your reply.
I format the pc(full of viruses) that has the old ssd with windows on, with the formatted pc I try to install qubes on the new ssd with the SATA adapter and if it goes, then I mount it on the pc instead of the old ssd. I didn’t find my laptop model on the qubes site, hope it’s ok.

It’s ok if you didn’t find your model on the qubes site – it may still work, and if it does you can submit an HCL report and that model may get added to the site. If you can add more RAM, to 16gb or more in total, that would be better.

It seems from your description you can just try installing to the old SSD – it will be erased, just follow instructions on the Qubes site. And read the other documentation on the Qubes site, so you know how to use it – it’s going to be a bit unusual (for a Windows user).

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hi res9,
the laptop has 8gb of ram memory. some time ago I tried to contact asus support and they explained to me that for my model it was only possible to expand the memory up to 12gb. if it will work, i will try to report with a HCL report as you say. alright res9, thank you very much for your assistance. I will try these days.