ASUS UX31A notebook - 4.1 installs perfectly

Because the tested hardware is limited, I want to share that installation on older ASUS UX31A also works perfectly.

maybe you can submit a Hardware Compatiblity Report?

I will do that, but also with remark. The install works perfectly but the (soldered) memory is 4Gb and that isn’t enough to work with multiple VMs. It is getting to slow. I made a “big” step and did a reinstall on my current/newer HP laptop and with that removed Windows. The pressure to make this work is bigger now. :wink:

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Yes, this is why the system requirements were increased to 6GB ram minimum.

Good luck on the adventure :slight_smile: In case of any question’s don’t hesitate to stop by and ask (right after checking if the docs don’t have already the answer :wink: )

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