ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Installing Failure


I am trying to install Qubes on my G14 laptop and am running into issues. I’m able to boot to the flash drive and select “Install Qubes” but instead of proceeding with the install, my laptop simply reboots and brings me right back to that menu without installing. Here is what I have attempted to fix this:

  • Following the instructions here to add nouveau.modeset=0. I’m not 100% percent sure I am placing this command in the correct place, but I have tried a few different configurations and none work.
  • Confirming the USB image is not corrupted by booting to it on another device.
  • Viewing the results of a verbose install attempt (somewhat challenging due to the speed of the text). The final line reads “Xen is relinquishing VGA console” which does not appear to be an error.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Do you have the same laptop model GA401IV-HA112R?
You can try to install latest Qubes ISO build with kernel-latest from here:

I just checked. Actually I have the newer GA401Q. It looks like the main differences between them is a Razor 9 5000 instead of a 4000 processor and a 3060 GPU instead of the 2060. I’m not sure if this would effect anything, since the manufacturer of the parts didn’t change.

I actually saw a similar suggestion for that elsewhere, so you might be right about that being the fix. However, I seem to be unable to access the link where the ISOs are found. Despite trying it on different devices/web browsers I am told “The server is taking too long to respond.” or “Server not found.”

Yes, the server is unavailable for now, I forgot about it:

You can download the latest ISO from here for a test:

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Ah, alright. I’ll give it a shot and see if that fixes the issue. Is that ISO not signed, or is the key posted elsewhere?

They are not signed so it’d be better to just use if for a test and if it works then download the signed ISO from NOTSET’'s server when it’s up: