Assign Bluetooth (from sys-usb) to an appvm

I want to use the bluetooth for a specific appvm, I know the implications.

I found it in the device widget, Qubes devices, but after I assign it to the appvm I want, I don’t know what to do after to scan for devices and see the settings of it in that appvm.

I appreciate the help.

Thank you.

Nice to hear. I’m linking here the documentation part that talks briefly about security concerns over the use of bluetooth within Qubes, just in case someone else wants to go head-first, but hasn’t read those yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t played around with bluetooth on Qubes yet, but I my advice would be for you to search how to do that within the particular distribution on which you qube is based. As long as you can attach the device (as you stated), the steps should be pretty similar to what you would normally do on Fedora or Debian.

Thanks for the reply!

In both, I used “settings” GUI, which I couldn’t find in the appvm based on debian template.
I mean in the list of applications in the qube settings, there is no entry for “settings”, unlike fedora-based VMs, which I can find the entry “settings” in the list of applications in the qube settings.

After I open “settings”, GUI opened like the distro itself, but that’s not possible on debian VMs.

I think I will use terminal to play with bluetooth rather than GUI and see what I’ll got.

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Some devices work better than others. I used to have a kernel installed that worked flawlessly with bluetoothctl, but an update deleted it.
Can’t remember which kernel it was either. And I’d have to find out how to install older kernels as well.

bluetoothctl is simple enough to use.
power on (if necessary)
scan on (when pairing a new device)
pair [MAC or alias]
connect [MAC or alias]

You will need at least some of these packages, and the GUI may be more suitable for you: bluez blueman pulseaudio-module-bluetooth pavucontrol


Where should you install those if it’s a security issue then? If you do it in a fedora template that might not be the best i don’t know…
What if you just install it in a domain like personal?

This one did install it in dom0, but i thought you should avoid to install stuff in dom0?

What’s the safest way to install bluetooth in qubes? And be able to switch appvm’s with the qubes device manager…
The qube device manager can still choose which cube to give bluetooth to and not so that’s good.

Install it in the Bluetooth VM you want. And keep it for Bluetooth stuff only. E.g pass through the USB Bluetooth dongle to that VM.
Never install anything in dom0.