Asrock x570 pro4


i’m using qubes for around two years now.
I have now switched to a asrock x570 pro4 board in combination with a fresh ryzen9 5900x and an amd gpu.
The system works great but i have trouble to get the suspend working ;-(.
With Qubes 4.0 the screen keeps black and only a hard reset will help.
With Qubes 4.1 the system wakes up and it looks for around 2s like all is working, but then the screen get pixeled. I can switch to console, it looks also a little strange but i can call journalctl and see some messages like:
ring gfx timeout, signaled seq=2234 emitted seq=2235
amdgpu: cp is busy, skip halt cp
amdgpu: rlc is busy, skip halt rlc

VRAM is lost due gpu reset…
GPU reset succeeded…

Is there anybody who can give me a hint how i can get it running?


I have the exact same fault on my setup, see my HCL report, others have reported this issue too so the development team are aware and are probably working on it.

Your setup is very similar to a build I am doing in the near future, only I will be using the X570 Steel Legend instead of the Pro4, would you mind adding a HCL report for this setup?

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HCL report has been created here: HCL - ASROCK X570 PRO4 motherboard .
I hope suspend will work in the near future, this feature is very important for me.