Asrock h77 Pro4-M Any sense?

Is there any point in testing Qubes on that old MoBo?
Another specs are i5-2400
and 16 GB RAM

I bother to ask this question because of this fragment:

" * Qubes can be installed on many systems that do not meet the recommended requirements. Such systems will still offer significant security improvements over traditional operating systems, since things like GUI isolation and kernel protection do not require special hardware."

And my main goal would be to test te Qubes before considering buying new hardware. But I am not sure would it even run (I’m going to test it later), but I am more concerned that lacks of many features og the MoBo would make this experience terrible and it wouldn’t give me the real sight of using Qubes.

Nobody really knows if it will run well until someone tries. In principle, you can try to find similar specs in the HCL and check how they work, but it’s not perfect.