As A IT Workstation: Company Network

Hi, as I watched more videos the more interested I became, but I have not came across a video in regards to using this OS as a Workstation in a IT environment where you have VM web servers an other VM’s to maintain.

I do a lot of internet research on social and IT forums, and need to do this on one OS System as I do now with Pop!_OS. I would like to replace Pop with this one, but I need to be able to do the same tasked.

  1. Will I be able to do this with this OS,
  2. Do you have documentation and / or videos explaining some what in detail the network side of this OS?

because I’m going to be able to install all the tools I use on Pop to do my IT Work or maybe install Pop as a VM on the network side.


Come for the security and privacy, stay for the community. Ironic, isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

There are videos out there, but in all honestly, they’re 50+ minutes long…

What exactly do you mean by this? Can you be a little more specific?

Are you talking about using Qubes OS as a server?
This can be done, but it requires a bit of tweaking. You won’t like setting up a VM just the way you like it, and then shut it down and restart it to find your entire SQL database mysteriously gone (AppVMs are usually preconfigured without persistence by default in Qubes, apart from a few places in the filesystem, you know, in case something nasty gets in).

Are you talking about using Qubes OS as a work machine?
This most definitely can be done. In fact, it allows work machines to be used for personal use, and vice versa, without cross-contamination.

Are you talking about something else?
If so, please give me more information :slight_smile:

Well, knowledge is power… :upside_down_face:

If you can do it in Pop!_OS, you can do it on Qubes OS.

…you could even do it in Pop!_OS in Qubes OS (HVM or AppVM off a Pop!_OS template)

And if something nasty gets in, you just purge the Pop!_OS VM and spin up a fresh one :slight_smile:


The best place is to start here:

And if you’re not afraid of getting a little technical, give this a try:

Sounds like a good idea. Keep your sysadmin stuff separate from your personal web browsing. Any questions, we’re all here to help :slight_smile:


I’m considering going down the same route, at least setting up a workflow where I can develop VMs at my workstation, launch or demo them from where I’m at and then migrate them to production.

Since I will have several physical devices running Qubes anyway I’m planning to keep them at different opsec levels anyway. I can see a very efficient workflow if I dedicate one of them to more “innocent” stuff where Qubes still would provide a lot of security, like developing websites for customers.

So far I also find Qubes far superior to Virtualbox or similar when it comes to these things, there is a bit of a learning curve first, but once that has been passed it treats the VMs in a more serious way, without all t he tiny bugs that might pop up with Virtualbox.