Are There More Recent Releases of Debian? (like Debian-13)

Are there up to date versions of Debian templates available? I noticed Fedora-33 is available as a template but I didn’t see any updates for Debian. Also would it be possible for a Salt Stack formula to be created for VM creation of the most recent template versions of Debian and Fedora?

Thank you

Yes, have a look here:

Debian 13 aka Trixie? It’s does not even exist yet… Debian 11 aka Bullseye is about to be released in the next weeks so if you want unstable, just switch to unstable in template. We do have Bullseye ready in repository so you can download it if you want.

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Is there a qvm command to view all of the current available templateVMs in the Qubes repo as a list?

I tried re-installing a debian-10 template recently but there was nothing found in the Qubes repo. it would be helpful if there was a list of releases that could be viewed.

If you are under R4.0 and not the upcoming alpha R4.1, bullseye is in templates-itl-testing. You need to enable it:

sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-templates-itl-testing qubes-template-debian-11

It is for upcoming R4.1. I’m not sure this is planned to be added for R4.0. @marmarek

$ qvm-template list --enablerepo=*
Available Templates
centos-8-minimal   0:4.0.6-202010111524  qubes-templates-community-testing
centos-8-xfce      0:4.0.6-202009272100  qubes-templates-community-testing
centos-8           0:4.0.6-202010191306  qubes-templates-community-testing
debian-10-minimal  0:4.0.6-202010131933  qubes-templates-itl
debian-10          0:4.0.6-202009131420  qubes-templates-itl
debian-11          0:4.0.6-202010241216  qubes-templates-itl-testing
debian-9           0:4.0.1-201906092020  qubes-templates-itl-testing
fedora-30-minimal  0:4.0.1-202004100439  qubes-templates-itl-testing
fedora-30-xfce     0:4.0.1-202004260111  qubes-templates-itl-testing
fedora-30          0:4.0.1-202004100439  qubes-templates-itl-testing
fedora-31-minimal  0:4.0.1-202004100439  qubes-templates-itl-testing
fedora-31-xfce     0:4.0.1-202001310755  qubes-templates-itl-testing
fedora-31          0:4.0.1-202004100439  qubes-templates-itl-testing
fedora-32-minimal  0:4.0.6-202010191916  qubes-templates-itl
fedora-32-xfce     0:4.0.6-202010191916  qubes-templates-itl
fedora-32          0:4.0.6-202010192324  qubes-templates-itl
fedora-33-minimal  0:4.0.6-202102131637  qubes-templates-itl
fedora-33-xfce     0:4.0.6-202102140100  qubes-templates-itl
fedora-33          0:4.0.6-202102131637  qubes-templates-itl
gentoo-minimal     0:4.0.6-202102060849  qubes-templates-community-testing
gentoo-xfce        0:4.0.6-202102060849  qubes-templates-community-testing
gentoo             0:4.0.6-202102060849  qubes-templates-community-testing
kali               0:4.0.6-202011011421  qubes-templates-community-testing
whonix-gw-15       0:4.0.6-202010131629  qubes-templates-community-testing
whonix-ws-15       0:4.0.6-202010131629  qubes-templates-community-testing

That’s exactly it. I wasn’t aware there was a Kali template now.

Awesome! This has been requested many times over the years.

We should really remove all EOL releases from the list, though. No point in leaving a trap for users to fall into.

It doesn’t look as though kali is available in the community testing repo; was this removed? Is there some aversion to having a pentesting distro?

I provide prebuilt Kali and Parrot templates for 4.0 at

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Thank you for that link but I’m also wondering if those distros will be built for the official Qubes repo.

It is built for QubesOS upcoming R4.1 only. We focus our efforts on this release for the newer templates.

I doubt we’ll be adding to the 4.0 official at this stage.

(adjusted the title to make it more specific)

I tried that command but got in response:

bash: /usr/lib/qubes/ No such file or directory

How is this possible?

I know that this is now an old post, but I just wanted to suggest that EOL releases that match Fedora in dom0 should be kept. It’s sometimes convenient to try building and testing things for dom0 in a template, rather than using mock or qubes-builder.

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With the release of debian-11, will a new version of the debian-11 template be built for 4.0? (The one in qubes-template-itl-testing looks like it was built 2021/02/18).

Where are you typing this command? dom0 I guess?

As bullseye is now release (Debian -- News -- Debian 11 "bullseye" released), we should rebuild it and then it will migrate into stable. @marmarek would you like me to trigger the build?

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