Are qubes in the future have a voice assistant like cortana?

are qubes in the future have a voice assistant like cortana ?
I thinking how I can using opensource assistant like mycroft in dom0 with most control and security?

my opinion, Qubesos is a future OS, also we need inside security focus some assist future app this thing maybe offer some donates from other interested people?

If you really trust the Cortana code sufficiently to run it in dom0, you could probably do this.

Alternatively, you could install it in AdminVM to benefit from compartmentalization and not endanger your whole installation.

But the Qubes developers probably have no time to implement this. They are working on many serious issues.

You could indeed implement this yourself and share with the Community or pay someone to do it.

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Installing cortana in dom0 may not be very useful as dom0 doesn’t have networking :slight_smile:

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I am poking about mycroft opensource voice assistant it`s already working on kde desktop in others OSs.

yes it need network connection ,but technical how I can do that securely.

You could use it in a qube where the microphone is attached.

What would dom0 bring more for the assistant compared to a qube?

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are I can give it system access control securely.

are I can tell it open [name-channel] radio-vm and it do it for me.

If I had to implement such thing, I’d rather use an AppVM + Qube RPC to keep control