Are other people seeing NoScript constant popups?

Within the past week or two, after a whonix update, noscript started popping up a “noscript settings” tab that would automatically get focus. It would pop it up a few min after each browser opened.
When you view you list of browsers (I.E. looking at the title of each browser in the list of windows), they now all say “noscript settings”

I originally assumed this was a upstream change in noscript, however it’s been a while now and I would expect a lot of people to be complaining about it and searching has shown nothing. (also doing whonix updates since then has not helped anything)

Are other people seeing this phenomenon too or is this just me?


This is caused by a change made in NoScript:

v 11.4.1rc4
x Open the appearance page for users to configure their
  preferred visual theme on upgrade from 11.4.1rc3 and below

So until the bundled version is at least 11.4.1, you will still experiment this (unless you disable add-ons updates on the dispvm template tor browser settings)

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Happening for a lot of people, I made a post about it on Reddit.


Latest Tor Browser Release includes NoScript 11.4.3, updating resolves the issue.