Archlinux 4.1 template?

I am very interested in a pre-built template for arch linux for qubes os 4.1 The build process fails for me and I can’t use 4.0.4 due to hardware requirements. Does anyone know whether a pre-built arch template is available for 4.1? I know unman provides these templates for 4.0 at but afaik these are not usable with version 4.1.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

@unman Are you planning on releasing a 4.1 template as well? Me and many others would really appreciate it. Ofc it would be totally understandable if you weren’t interested in this.

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Waste of time. I used the French ArchLinux template (from community templates) for about 1 year in Qubes 3. 20 hours of screen time weekly for my needs.

I also used Pentoo similar story…

Currently archlinux on R4.1 doesn’t build - it’s a known issue: Qubes-Builder fails building archlinux template during vmm-xen build step · Issue #6646 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

However, if you don’t mind a little hacking, what you can do is remove vmm-xen from the COMPONENTS (or TEMPLATE variable), and set USE_QUBES_REPO_VERSION = 4.1. This will avoid trying to build Xen and instead pull the qubes-vm-xen dependency from the archlinux repo. I do not know if it will fully work though but is worth a try.

Unfortunately this is a side effect of using Arch - things break more often due to latest packages.

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Issue 6646 1 had a PR merged that should resolve the build issue of vmm-xen. You may want to give it another try now.

I built new Arch templates today, which are available from
There are Template packages for 4.0 and 4.1 , and they are signed with
my PGP key. There are (rough) instructions but if anyone needs help, ask
I’ve also updated the available packages until we get the official Qubes
repositories in place. (Those haven’t been updated for some months.).
The repositories are at and arch/4.1

All my templates, packages and repositories are signed with
my Qubes Signing key - you can get this from any keyserver. You
should check this against other sources - the Qubes-Users mailing list,
GitHub, maybe another
keyserver over Tor.

You should do something like this, in a Fedora based disposableVM:
Download the template from

Once you have downloaded and confirmed my “Qubes OS signing key”, add it to
your rpm keyring:
sudo rpm --import <downloaded_key>

Check the signature on the template:
rpm -K <Template_file>
If all is well you will see “digests signatures OK”

Once you are satisfied, install the Template.
To do this you will need to copy it to dom0. In dom0 run:
qvm-run -p <qube> 'cat <location of template> ' > archtemplate
Replace with the name of the qube where you downloaded the
Template package, and with the path to the
package file.

Then install, in dom0 :
sudo dnf install archtemplate

Sorry for the late reply, but why would using arch linux on qubes be a waste of time? There’s way more software available on arch linux in the repositories, especially if you’re counting the aur/chaotic-aur. The software is also almost always up to date.

the latest arch template (for 4.1 at least) seems to be broken. There seem to be packages intended for 4.0 mixed in the 4.1 repo Index of /arch/4.1. Thanks in advance!