Arch/BlackArch Templates

Are there any Arch linux or Blackarch templates?

Would it be possible to include the templates listed here:

in the qvm-template-gui application?

Is there an easier way to add unman’s public key ? its impossible to cut and paste into dom0 it seems

The page tells you what to do

You can read about how to get a copy of the key, and how to validate it here.
You will need to copy the key in to dom0:
qvm-run -p qube 'cat PATH_TO_KEY ' >
and then import it: sudo rpm --import

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I can see that, I’m just not sure which key I should be copying, and I am unable to copy the text and

paste it into dom0, does it have to be typed?

Is the value PATH_TO_KEY the website url?

The key needs to be downloaded from

No - that is my email key.

I have tried to make this as clear as possible.
Obviously I have failed.

You need to download and check my “Qubes OS Signing key”
This is available from key servers, or GitHub

Download that key, and confirm it is my Qubes OS Signing Key.
Transfer the key to dom0:

qvm-run -p QUBE 'cat PATH_TO_KEY ' >

where PATH_TO_KEY is the actual path to the downloaded (and checked) key
in QUBE.

Check the key again in dom0.

When you are satisfied you can actually use it in dom0.
The instructions on the web site are outdated because they assume you
will be using rpm or dnf.

If you are installing a template that you have transferred to dom0, then
you can stash the key somewhere, and install the template using:
qvm-template install PATH_TO_TEMPLATE --keyring PATH_TO_KEY

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

how to download the Qubes OS signing key?

Please ignore the above question. That information is documented here:

Once the tamplate is copied to dom0, how can it be activated?

As below - qvm-template install PATH_TO_TEMPLATE --keyring PATH_TO_KEY

I have copied the template from a QUBE into dom0 but keep getting an error message:

error: Template ‘/home/user/Templates/Arch-4’ not found

What does ls -l /home/user/Templates/ show?

It returns the template, Arch-4

The file size is massive; showing as 681136925

That looks right

This is the command being run:

qvm-template install /home/user/Templates/ --keyring /home/user/.gnupg/

Bizarrely, qvm-template requires the file to be named foo.rpm

what? like a string literal “foo”?