AppVM Terminal colors nonexistent

As you can see from the picture below, when I ls in my personal qube terminal, the terminal print out doesn’t color the folder names. They are white, as well as every other text in the terminal.

However, when I ls in the template that the personal qube is based upon, I get my folder listing colored in blue:

Why so? Why is there such an inconsistency with the color palette of the two terminal applications? Isn’t the personal qube’s terminal built on the template’s one? So, shouldn’t they be the same?

wait, are you sure that “personal” ques is based on that template


that might because the .bashrc file is different (the white color you see in appvm is fedora default, the template one look like it from debian)

Yes. “Personal” was by default based on fedora-32. However, I changed that to debian-10 from the drop-down menu in the [dom0] Qube Manager.

that is why it different, the home and .bashrc didn’t change

So, I should spin up a new qubes based off of debian-10, in order to get the terminal text colors consistent?

unless something specific to that qubes has changed in .bashrc, you can just copy the template .bashrc