AppVM internet works sort of

Hello all,

I’ve got a ParrotOS AppVM that connects to a ProxyVM for HTB that acts as the OpenVPN tunnel that is needed. This all worked fine up until now.

In my ProxyVM I can ping both machines inside the VPN and fine. Same goes for AppVM ping works fine.

Now when I use curl for in the ProxyVM it responds as expected with some HTML contents.
This fails inside the AppVM:

curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80 after 13 ms: No route to host

Therefor Firefox is not working inside the AppVM…

I’ve restarted both machines, but that didn’t help.


After some more digging… problem solved:

In the AppVM settings the Firewall rules somehow changed from “Allow all outgoing connections” to “Limit outgoing connections to …” reverting it back to allow all fixed my issue!

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