Appmenus-dispvm is Not Hiding All Applications


I’m not sure if i made everything well, but i followed the documentation and created 2 disposable sys-* VMs (sys-net & sys-firewall). I think i shouldn’t have to use the command [user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-features disp-sys-net appmenus-dispvm and the same for disp-sys-firewall. Now if i go to the Q menu and hoovering to the Service: disp-sy-net or firewall i can see all applications belonging to the Qube. I think i’ve misunderstood the meaning of the command. I’ve thought it is a command to not show anything there. How should i make to disappear the applications from there? If i check the Qubes setting’s Applications tabthere is no selected application on the right side.

Thansk any help!

maybe missing



qvm-features disp-sys-net appmenus-dispvm

i didn’t miss it, and now i tried again with the command and the apps are still there.

  1. You are missing the 1 at the end of the command:

    qvm-features fedora-26-dvm appmenus-dispvm 1

  2. Not sure if this can help, but when no applications are selected to show, all of them show up. At least I’ve observed this behaviro a couple of times.

Also, for others coming here with the same issue, I’ll link the docs bellow:

I’ve also changed the title a bit to make it more specific to the issue at hand. But feel free to adjust if you feel it isn’t exactly it.

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I see what you mean. You mean the second command in the documentation. This is why i wasn’t sure if i made everything well, because i just used the documentation to create disposable sys-* VMs, starting to copy/paste the commands from here: link. And the [user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-features disp-sys-net appmenus-dispvm '' command is recommended only if you used the command you mentioned, but because i didn’t want any entry i just used it.

You’re right, while one of disp-sys qube’s appmenu entry is empty, the other has every appmenu listed, but if i select one application, then only that application appears in the appmenu.