Applications on the app menu are not working

Hi all,
I am wondering how can I debug one application that i installed on my system. for some unknown reasons none of the application that I installed are working. I install them on my Fedora-34 template and even on the template I can run them, but on my AppVM, when I click on them on the app menu, nothing happened.

All the standard one that are preinstalled like Firefox or Thunderbird are ok, those that I install them are not working.

Can you run the applications from the AppVM terminal?

Perhaps this might be helpful: Installing Software in Qubes from .deb / .rpm.

No, I can not. It is wired because every thing was ok. All of the sudden none of them are working.

Does it say that the command is not found? Did you shutdown the template and rebooted the AppVM?

I can see them on Qubes app menu.
On AppVm and Terminal, looks like the app is not install at all.
On Template all of them are ok and I can even run them.

I have reboot the template, shutdown the template and even reboot the computer multiple times :slight_smile:

Is there any log file that I can check what is happening when I click on the app menu?