Applications "disappearing" from me

So I have been playing with qubes some time, the annoying thing I have come across is whenever I install software, on app-vm template (not disposable type) everything is great, the app launches. If I shutdown the qube, launch it back boom i can start the installed app by for example typing on the terminal “exodus” then it launches exodus app.

But after restart PC, typing exodus won’t start the app, nor is the exodus app visible on application finder, but if I run the installation commands again it says the app is installed… Help how to make this so I can use the apps like a human?

On the first view it looks, like a very common error new users (with QubesOS) do, but I’m not sure…
So let’s recap:

  • you want to install apps/software which you need to work with on your AppVM - so is this AppVM based on a debian-1x template or a Fedora-3x template ?
  • did you install your app (f.e. exodus) in the correct template ?
  • after you installed the app, did you shutdown the template (no further work needed) ?
  • …and (re-)start the AppVM (where App [i.e. Exodus] should be found for working) which is based on the template you installed the app ?

Since you seem to understand that when you installed App, it had to be in a persistent Qube, which is either a Template or a Standalone.

Then I have found, that if I install App’s from either Flatpack or Snap. Then in the persistent Qube you installed it. Click on the Qube. At the top of the just appeared second column is:
Choose: “Settings”
Choose; “Applications”
just below that is “Refresh Applications”

After a bit one sees the Applications you installed with "FlatPack, or Snap in the column of those one can use “>” to put in the right hand column.

At bottom right of box

Then the App you installed now has a start Tab in the list of Apps for that Qube.

Brings up the thought, that this might be more intuitive if things we can click on, are a different color than the descriptive text.

I have not learned how to install Apps by other means than Flatpak or Snap. Please tell me if you have.

For Snap; I use the directions in the documentation on the Qubes OS site.

For how to install Flatpak, I mostly use the directions provided by Solene…

I have only installed Flatpak’s in a standalone. To get Flatpak working in a Template requires that I set up a proxy connection. When I get to the point where I need to write a line to a file, which Solene told me how to accomplish where to install file with Gedit (I was going to CD my way over there)
Then I find the file I create will not 'save." I need to do more research on file property types, or some other command to enable that. Which is my responsibility to do the research.

Hope this helps someone.


Yeah the reason why the apps was “disappearing” was because I installed them on the app-vm, but installing them again on standalone vm works