Application start from commandline but doesn't start from shortcut

I installed an app in TemplateVM, using dnf localinstall with downloaded .rpm, and I used to be able to start the app from the Qubes menu. After update the app to newer version, it stopped working: clicking the shortcut does nothing.

When I start the app from terminal (running /opt/bisq/bin/Bisq), it works fine.

How can I debug to figure out why the shortcut stopped working?

In dom0, I can see ~/.local/share/qubes-appmenus/bitcoin/apps/bitcoin-bisq-Bisq.desktop which has:

Exec=qvm-run -q -a --service -- bitcoin qubes.StartApp+bisq-Bisq

Running this command does nothing, just like clicking the menu icon. Even with -v to print more verbose info, I only see:
“Running ‘qubes.StartApp+bisq-Bisq’ on bitcoin”

Any ideas how I can figure out what’s going on? Thank you.