Application randomly uninstalled

I had installed ungoogled-chromium inside a Qube the template running under it was fedora-39. When I started this Qube I tried to open ungoogled-chromium but it was completely wiped out. Why is this? How did this happen? Should I still trust QubesOS with my data? I have run updates but I don’t this means it wipes every installed application I suppose.

Did you install ungoogled-chromium in the qube or in the template? If you installed it in the qube, it is expected. Everything outside of /home (private volume) will be removed on shutdown. A new snapshot of the template root volume is used each time you boot a qube based on it.

I have installed ungoogled-chromium inside the qube instead of the template I installed it with flatpak flathub. I have installed mullvad-browser inside many qube’s why isnt mullvad-browser wiped? (Install Mullvad browser on Qubes OS). Same with libreoffice. Do I just install software inside templates from now on?

According to your link, it was installed in ~/.local/share/, which is part of the private volume (/home/user/.local/share/), so it’s persistent.

Did you use the --user option during installation? If not, it was installed outside the private volume and was not persistent.

They are made for this, so do it if you use the package manager. If you are using flatpaks, it would be better to install them in your qubes instead (with the --user option). Otherwise, it would be a pain to update, as you would have to start a terminal in the template to update each flatpak program, and restart all qubes based on the template to reflect the change.

Thank you for your fast response, I will install software inside templates from now on.

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