Apple MacBook Air A2337 (model of year 2021)

I’m interested in installing Qubes but can’t find anywhere if it’s compatible with my MacBook Air.

Model A2337, should be year 2021 model.

I checked the hardware compatible list, google, etc. But no results.
The hardware compatible list shows BIOS, Kernel, Xen, etc of MacBook Air (4,2), which is compatible. But I have no idea how to find those info of my MacBook Air.

Hopefully, I can find answers here. Thank you!

If it’s not in the hardware compatibility list, then no one knows for sure whether it will work until someone tries. If you want to try Qubes, I recommend to install it on a USB stick, so your current system will not be affected. The Community would appreciate your report then if you can.

Model A2337 has an Apple M1, which is an ARM-based system on a chip (SoC). Qubes OS requires an 64-bit Intel or AMD processor.

Your MacBook Air therefor cannot run Qubes OS.