App Won't Run in Qubes, Will Run in Stand Alone VM But Can't Access, GUI Install in Template?

@Sven @unman your both smarters than me, what should i do?

i have app image and it won’t run with qubes, i run and it won’t display or display a moment then crash

i create mint standalone vm from iso. in mint standalone vm, i can run this appimage but can’t access file system in qubes, can’t move/copy files in/out mint qube or browse files.

how do creates a seperate GUI qubes like cinnamon mint or other than i can move stuff in/out will run app image correct unlike Xkde? Do i create fedora gui or debitan gui and run from this? do i create other template VM of mint based on unman template, does this let move in out?

if use unman mint template how move rpm file to dom0? tried to find in documentation the move to dom0 convert to template, can’t find. will install unman ulissea mints rpm temlate create mint gui for run appimage or just mint environment without gui and all launches in qubes gui of xkfde? xdfxe gui of qube not working for this appimage, does run in mint cinemon gui

you may haven’t installed some qubes tool

too much typo about software name

is it fedora, debian or whonix (i know, appinage are universal app)

what you mean here

xfce or kde ?

it appvm

what you mean, i don’t understand

the appimage won’t run in xfce, didn’t know spelling of qubes default gui. the appimage fails due to some sort of display issue regardless of the template. it tries to create an icon in the notification area for the app then fails. This happens in multiple app VMs based on different templates. If it shows in the notification area of xfce, it crashes.

In a Mint Qube VM that is a standalone VM, the app image will run. It creates an icon in cinnamen and not in Xfce. It is usable and stays runing. The problem is I can’t send/receive/copy/paste/access anything in this cinnamen standalone VM. I want a VM GUI where the icon will show up in the notification area of the VM gui and not in qubes xfce notifcation that keeps causing it to crash. So I need a GUI template that I can send files in and out of. Will @unman’s mint template do this or will it show the notification also in the Xfce notification area causing a crash? Can I run a GUI from unman’s mint template? Should I run a GUI in a different template and how would I do this?

oh, i understand it

yes, but it might won’t crash


how do i run gui from unman’s mint template?

do i need this?

created gui in debian for gnome but many error messages, slow, unusable due to errors and slowness. will this happen with mints templates?

gnome ?!?

no (i haven’t tried unman mint)

Is there a way to create my own template for mint with the iso and run the gui in that? i have the iso for mint cinamon, but right now i can only install a standalone VM and can’t access the files in it or copy and pastes.

yes, there many way but i don’t know how

now no response. is my qube app crash and bad enlish funny? need to fix

@unman @sven need real answer

what no respone

what should i do? should i create a debian gui other than gnome since gnome fails, should i try fedora gui? not sure right commands to create. should i install unman’s mint template? should i try to alter standalone mint VM so can use AppVm move/copy?

there only gnome tool here

this seem like a bug now
what about creating github issue, it the better way to get official qubes os support

@sven @unman no solution so far

i need this appimage to work now or soon and will create github bug report other day after this fixed, what should i do?

@qubesnoob – I see three options:

a) give the mint template from unman a try and see if that works for you

b) tell us the name of the app and what exact error messages you see when it crashes, so we can try together to make it work in a standard qube

c) install mint standalone and add Qubes OS specific packages from unman’s repository to make it recognize and cooperate with Qubes OS (never done this myself, but know from other discussions that it is possible)

I’d recommend trying them in this order. If in the process we find a genuine bug of course filing a github issue is appreciated.

@ppc: please do not advertise github as a way to get support – that’s not what it’s meant for and only leads to frustration for both the reporter and the team.

i do that because it look like a bug (github is not for getting support)