App Images how to?

How to convert applications into app images to be used for app vms ?

Ex: DERO Download “CLI Wallet - 64-bit”

This wallet has some binaries, in particular derod and cliwallet. A user can create a standalone vm and run them. However this is far from ideal.

Someone mentioned that a more efficient way to run this kind of software is to create an appimage and run it as an appvm instead.

Not sure where or how to get started on doing that.

Please let me know how to create app image and run as app vm.

Thank you.


Not sure I understand, your response, quite new to Qubes.

To provide some context: Installing several crypto wallets of different types. Some may contain malware, there have been cases of wallet malware stealing coins and see phrases from other wallets on the same pc. So the idea is separation. Most of the wallets require internet connections and data files among other things that are usually binaries as in example posted above. Installing all on same templete = bad if one of them is compromised they are all compromised. There is also persistence needed for wallet user data.

The Question: What is the “Qubes way” to reasonably securely interact with multiple wallets?

It is easy to get lost when starting out with qubes (appvm, templatevm, stand alone, hvm…) and also easy to undo its great security.

Any advice that could help resolve this use case would be really appreciated.