Anyone tried Tiny11 as Windows HVM?

I was reading about Tiny11 and the new Tiny11 builder and as I have an older computer I was quite interested. I don’t see why doing it using a tiny11 modified image (yeah, I am guessing there are security implications to using an installation modified by a 3rd party) wouldn’t work but wanted to see if anyone here has had experience with it, or has any other thoughts about using it.
Thanks in advance!

I’d never heard of Tiny11, but if there were a reliable way to run Windows10 in less space, I’d be interested in learning more.

As it is, I’m running Windows 10 Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), as I really only occasionally use Windows for for two specific apps (a third use is converting a MS Access database to SQLite so I can continue to use the database from my Debian GNU/Linux Qubes or from my wife’s MacBook).