Anyone running a 128gb ram laptop?

Currently use a x220 upgraded every now and again (16gb, find it a bit slow), however would like to start using Qubes as my daily os.

I’ve checked the HCL and other topics here. However not many of the laptops go up to 128gb ram. I’m curious to know if anyone’s running a 128gb set up (other specs?) and how’s it running? Any major problems?

I’m a complete noob to computing and Linux. But enjoying learning Qubes and learning through the docs. So much so I want to upgrade to something faster. Budget isn’t an issue, really want 128gb ram and other compatible hardware.

Yes I’ve ran Qubes OS on 160GB server and also two other Qubes OS with 64GB on R4.1 without any issue. Generally there won’t be particular issue with having lot of RAM.


What was the 160gb server?

Not the compatibility of the ram, but the hardware of the laptops which are compatible with 128gb ram.

Would like to see what 128gb ram laptops work before investing

Dell Precision works.

However, the real limit with Qubes comes down to the way the qubes packages modify linux for secure and easy management, consequently slowing it down.
Dom0’s handling of X (gui protocol).

The theoretical design really shouldn’t slow it down as much as it does, but in practice the graphical performance just isn’t great.

Compiling your own Kernel could help, but the documentation on custom kernels isn’t great.

If you’re going to run Qubes I strongly reccommend having two installs. (i.e. two hard drives), one for configuring the install and testing, second for stable.

In summary:
I have one such laptop, but there are so many optimisations that could be done to the install that the limiting factor really is not the RAM. Remember, hyperthreading is disabled and all other sorts of hardening of Xen leads to CPU slowdown (again, particularly with the graphics).