Anyone keep their storage pool in the cloud?

has anyone here went through the process of keeping their storage pool in the cloud and mounting it when needed?

how do you mount it? is the cloud storage pool encrypted?



I tried something like that once, but it’s obviously dead slow.

You can put files inside an AppVM in the cloud with whatever tool you like. I e.g. maintain [1].

[1] GitHub - 3hhh/qcrypt: multilayer encryption tool for Qubes OS


hey I read the readme
I’m not clear on how how the remote is created initially.
how are these untrusted storage backends stored
whats being stored exactly in the cloud?

The program just works with an encrypted file on a drive.

cloud storage can usually be mounted to a VM via open source or proprietary tools provided by the cloud vendor. You’d have to do those steps yourself (or automate them) and then use qcrypt on top of that.

I guess the question is
Why would anyone want to use the “cloud” to save your personal data and/or use?

One of the first and biggest step in any form of security is to keep that which you find (sensitive, important, special…etc) under your full control.

Cloud computing does not fit this.

Why would you put (sensitive or important) data or information on “someone’s” else computer, “somewhere” in the world that you don’t have control over??

This is just as bad as VPN’s…

But these entities exist to give you the illusion that you are safe AND most importantly people are lazy or are not willing to do the work, research, understand the work themselves.

On top of this who is really watching the servers…
Where or what country or place are these servers kept…

To blindly trust or put faith in someone or place is a very bad move. But yet a lot of people buy the bullshit.

Then again these type of people believe…
-the Easter bunny is real
-Santa Claus is in the way

  • And the fucking “tooth fairy” gives you money
    -some how just magically we are all just going to get along (this has never happened in history,and never will)

In the end…
You get what you put in, then you get what you deserve

I don’t see much of an issue with using cloud storage as long as it’s inside an encrypted container and the decryption is exclusively managed by the client.

That’s what I was talking about.

Distrusting the infrastructure as you apparently do is otherwise correct.

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I’ve actually been thinking this, qubes in the cloud with wildland for future plan.

if the data is truly special to you, you’d want to start considering what would happen if even local was seized/raided. you’re just choosing to ignore that the cloud could be encrypted client-side.

going to research this

I put the money in the bank safe/vault. And then it’s robbed because someone didn’t have the key but the drill. Or, had the key…
The other day, I put the money in the other bank’s safe/vault. And no one can drill and have the key. And tomorrow, no more bank at the address. Gone, bankrupt, whatever.

But the most important was that I could “encrypt” the money…

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soon we will have to encrypt the password