Anyone can help walkthrough a FIrewall configuration?

hello i have read the doc about firewall and also some forum thread for firewall but i think I’m seriously too dumb to understand it :frowning:

so the problem is, i have installed chia blockchain application inside standaloneVM.

then when i run the app it say not sync, i suspect the problem is the firewall settings, since i already did port forward 8444 in my modem and router (necessary port for it to sync). then i change standaloneVM connecetion to sys-net. and it is syncing. it probably 100% misconfigured firewall right?

so the question is, is there any one here kind enough to give his/her time to walkthrough me to forward / open port 8444 for this chia app inside standaloneVM ?

I install debian-10-miinimal template for to be used by sys-firewall. and then the connection is working now btw i haven’t able to understand how to configure port forwarding in firewall.

it’s weird the connection is success without having configuring port forwarding in firewall… and it even get more weirder since i check the 8444 port using and other site they said 8444 port is closed. this makes me really confused how the hell it can connect even it closed.

(by the way using ubuntu from other laptop and same internet connection, port 8444 is open when checked, but with qubes its closed)