Anybody got a network-manager based VPN working on debian-12?

Alright so… I need one qube that has both a VPN connection and a pi-hole firewall. The VPN does not work on Debian (12), and pi-hole does not work on Fedora (37, 38, or 39). It needs to be a single qube, but I can’t find a distro that can run both these things at once.

My VPN works fine under Fedora and pi-hole works fine under Debian (both thanks to you fine people because I can not seem to be able to work R4.2 on my own).

I see Debian’s built in network-manager is severely lacking so I figured somebody may have had ran into this before. After installing the network-manager-openvpn package, I tried to check my VPN config to see why it wasn’t connecting, and the VPN tab was blank. Like no gui controls just a white square. There’s gotta be a way to set up a damn VPN in this thing… right?


edit: Error message shown in a tooltip when I try to connect the VPN:

The VPN connection “vpn_pyongyang” failed because there were no valid VPN secrets.

You also need the network-manager-openvpn-gnome package iirc.

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what protocol is your VPN using?

Derp… Yup that was it. I actually saw the gnome package while looking for openvpn related packages but didn’t think something GUI related would break the whole application. Thank you!