Any way to upgrade standalone vm from cli

Is there a way to upgrade the standalone vms from the command line? The templates I found solution for, but not the standalones.

A standalone vm is just an independent operating system, so you work with it like you do with a standard OS. If you need more details, you should tell which OS exactly you want to upgrade and to which version.

By standaloneVMs, you mean operating systems you’ve installed your self? Or do you mean ones you created from a TemplateVM?

If you install Qubes tools in the StandaloneVM, (whether installed by
self, or from TemplateVM) , then you can update form the command line.
Of course, it depends on having Qubes tools available for the OS/distro
and being able to install them properly.
At minimum you need qrexec/salt working.

Standalone machings created from a template. Is there any cli tool to update these from dom0/salt or do you always have to use the gui manager for those?

whats the command for updating a standalone fedora machine created from a template from dom0?

You can use qvm-run command from dom0 to run anything in any qube (if it has qubes-tools installed).

I think there may be some confusion here. A StandaloneVM stands on its own like any regular operating system. Opening a terminal for that standalone and manually performing the update command will do what you want.

For example, for fedora you do sudo dnf update and for debian ones you do sudo apt update. For other linux distribution / operating systems you’ll have to look onto how to do that. But keep in mind this is not Qubes sepecific from the point you have a terminal for that virtual machine.

I should add however that the Qubes Update makes the whole process incredibly convenient and I don’t understand what is the use-case for wanting to do it manually.

You are right, but if this StandaloneVM is created from original Qubes OS Fedora TemplateVM, then it has qubes tools installed and you can use qvm-run (I just checked it for Debian).

Perhaps for managing large number of StandaloneVMs from dom0.

I want to upgrade the standalone vms automaticallt with a cron script in dom0, instead of using the gui manager all the time, or manually jump into everyone.

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I find qubes manager annoying and its not automatic process tbh, it notifies and then you have to klick klick. I prefer it’s being updated during the night :=)

Ok, ill test qvm-run and lets see.

yes, qvm-run machine “sudo dnf upgrade -y” seem to work, thanks!

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Always read the docs :slight_smile: this solution was there:

@anonymous have you considered AppVMs? I don’t know your use-case, but what will happen with standaloneVMs is that:

  1. You’ll have to update them all (whereas in templateVM you install update in one and all the AppVMs based on it automatically have that update installed)
  2. You’ll waste a lot of space (as no storage is shared)
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Fair enough - but be aware that the GUI updater is used to salt some
other configurations in to templates, so you risk not having those.
Otherwise, no problem with what you want to do.

feature-request, having a tick-box in the gui manager that installes everything automatically :slight_smile:

Under discussion already:

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