Any way to create an on-screen keyboard for touch screen?

Is there a way for on-screen keyboard to show up during Qubes usage for touchpad/tablet especially when browsing and there is a text box?

Install xvkbd.
Create this script:

if [ $(pidof xvkbd) ]; then 
kill $(pidof xvkbd) 
xvkbd -no-keypad -secure &

Bind the script to a keyboard shortcut to toggle the keyboard on and off.

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i thought on-screen keyboard is less secure than a real keyboard (maybe this apply to qubes os only)

where to place the script ?

They have different risk profiles, so “less secure” doesnt mean a great deal.

I run it in dom0, and place the script there.

there is no backspace on this keyboard only del. how to fix?

There is one on top row at right of Fn keys.