Any suggestion for parental control for qubes?

I need to find means to block a site that I’m wasting too much time on. However, it’s quite problematic to change the “host” file for example, if I’m admin by default.
I would have gone as far as setting a gibberish password to my admin fedora template if it was possible, but I’m worried it would stop Qubes from updating the VM.
Alternatively, if anyone knows any way to block a site and make it too hard to undo in fedora, I’d be grateful.

I also blocked access in my router to this site, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work when I use mullvadVPN…

Any help would be appreciated, it’s kind of consuming my life and productivity :slight_smile:

You need self control

The obvious route would be to set nft rules in your MullvadVM and
sys-firewall blocking traffic to this site. That is easy to do, with
suitable rules applied in /rw/config/qubes-firewall-user-script

What’s difficult is stopping you from changing those rules.
You could create some barrier by removing passwordless-root. If you set
a gibberish root password, you could do this on a firewall downstream of
sys-firewall and continue to use sys-firewall for updates.
The same could apply below MullvadVM.

None of this will be any help at all, since it’s trivial for you to
change the netvm of your qubes to circumvent these restrictive
With great power comes great responsibility.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
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You could setup a sys-net-dns qube and install dnscrypt-proxy. It supports blacklists, where you can enter your domain.

Maybe don’t approach this from a technical but from a psychological POV. Every time you visit that site, just kill the luks header, so you have to re-install qubes and play in your backups. This will cost you about 2 hours, depending on how beefy your box is.