Any kind of desktop note within the QOS GUI?

I know for security reasons (attack surface) we should always try to keep it as minimal as possible especially for dom0 / the QOS UI. Personally, I miss an easy and quick way to drop some thoughts, make some notes in Qubes.

On Linux, desktop notes have existed for a long period of time. The GNOME desktop environment has a built in “sticky notes” feature available, whereas KDE (K Desktop Environment) has a desktop notes application called Knote.
source: Desktop notes - Wikipedia

I don’t expect modern and colorful graphical sticker notes just a simple icon in the panel bar which allows me to store some plain text (as a kind of do to list reminder). Is there any solution already possible today? …beside dom0-terminal based nano editor :nerd_face:

Mousepad, kate, gedit, geany, gnote?

Why not use a regular (but offline) qube for that? Dom0 should not be touched generally speaking.

Then set the ram to consume max 400mb and to start by default and you should be good to go.

As @deeplow pointed out a qube is the way to go. Two thoughts:

  1. In addition to doing this in dom0 being discouraged, it will also just be impractical as you won’t be able to paste text into dom0.

  2. The vault qube already has KeePassX or KeePassXC installed by default. These can also be used to manage notes.

… or you could simply install your favorite notes app into the template of vault and add a respective launcher to the XFCE taskbar.

I personally have installed the Gnome Calculator into vault and hooked it up to the respective key on my keyboard. My vault always runs anyway (SplitGPG for my mail qubes), so there is no delay when starting the calculator or keepassxc. Being based on debian-minimal, it is perfectly happy with 250 MB RAM.


Thanks, I will try a few configs in Appvm / vault.

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