Any interesting ideas for using qubes and microcomputer together?

Hello, everyone. I recently got a orange pi zero2 and want to find any idea how to use it together with qubes(If possible, of course)

Any interesting ideas or projects? Thank you all.

In the future it could be a part of Qubes Air:

If it had a network connector it could be used as a network/VPN leak detector/verifier. I don’t believe the pi zero does have a network connector without adding a hat.

Does it have wifi? It might be used to monitor for suspicious wifi attacks when in a public/untrusted wifi environment.

With the camera interface It could be used as a face recognition system that sounds the alarm when approached by an evil-maid (i.e. not you). Even when the qubes system is off/suspended. This would be by adding a camera and connecting the USB for signaling the qubes system and/or saving surveillance video clips of any events. This could be used during password verification in place of a ubikey or other token.

Use it as a USB condom that forces all external USB access to be cataloged and cryptographically verified before attaching the device to the qubes system.