Any ideas why ping is doing this

Alright guys need a little help on this one and maybe you can.

You see I built a HVM. Have everything working now and I know networking is set right, well the best to my knowledge BUT when I ping I get this strange error stating
can’t connect:
Message to long.
Obliviously I have no internet…
What does that mean?

What template / os ?
Have you manually configure networking ?

Hey 51lieal,
It’s my openbsd HVM. I believe it have the network set right.
I have in my /etc/resolve.conf
both my nameservers and
/etc/hostname.em0 I have
Ip… broadcast ip… netmask… up
/etc/mygate I have my route
Goes to ping and I get that error.

Any ideas?

Take a look at @unman notes you may get hint there.

Sure did,THANKS!!!