Any contraindication to run Qubes inside virtualbox?

So I tried to first install qubes os on an external usb disk and I failed. I was trying to install it onto a portable USB disk which I hope would make Qubes available everywhere. Seems I was too optimistic with its potential. History here: Installation seems successful but can't boot X

Now I thought - well, at least I could run it inside virtualbox maybe?

Is there any reason not do that? Like - for example the whole philosophy of Qubes would be violated, or I would expose myself more than I think I would or something like that?

It’s not recommended, since Qubes uses its own baremetal hypervisor (Xen). However, some people have been able to get it to work.

It might be okay for testing, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a permanent solution for important things.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I was just trying it and the installer is already reporting some unsupported hardware with the virtual hard disk.

I went “Continue” but now the final installation step is hanging at “Configuring TemplateVM Fedora 30”

Actually not true. I managed to finish the install. Pretty cool. Will see how it will work