Another YouTube Qubes OS Review, Another Really Bad Recommendations

It’s great that more people are “reviewing” Qubes OS on YouTube. This is one video that I watched: Exploring Hacker Operating Systems: Qubes OS - YouTube

The channel has 9.29K subscribers.

Around 20:30 and again between 46:10 and 52:00, the guy in the video explains how to install software in Qubes “Set up a script on rc.local to install packages every time an AppVM boots” making reference to Qubes OS documentation’s Qubes-specific VM config files. “Hopefully it should persist. This is important” he added.

He did not mention that software can be installed the Template VM. He doesn’t seem he knows about this.

I was wondering to what extent such reviews will cause problems for Qubes OS newcomers. I had flagged another review mistake on this forum a few months ago.

Maybe we need to have a list of recommended YouTube reviews to be more proactive on this forum (“approved”), and another list of reviews to be careful of? Video is an important medium for newcomers.


I think someone should mention in the comments that the reviewer is mistaken and give a link to this discussion.


Yes, I did see this one. It’s sad that this may impact a lot of newcomers. I think promoting good explanations are a good way of doing it. On the website they had some video explanations, but I think they’re quite outdated.

I think promoting more recent ones could be a way to combat this misguiding of people.