Anonymously torrent Qubes on Tor network?

i want to torrent on qubes-os but it seems p2p network has a bad habit of leaking user real ip when used on tor network.

I have the following thoughts bellow if that would be okay to torrent while staying anonymous on tor network.

a. create a separate qube (based on fedora or Debian) purposely for torrent which will be connected through sys-firwall=sys-net as i don’t want to hide my ip with torrent (i want to torrent with my real ip).

b. Another whonix based qube by default connected to tor network through sys-whonix=sys-firewall=sys-net.

Create two netvm both off different templateVM and connect my wifi card to netvm A (for torrent vm), connect LAN to netvm B (for whonix/Tor network)

Please is both of the scenario above practically secure or safe from ip/data leakage?
As i don’t want my real ip EVER getting leaked with WhonixVM and vice versa.

All suggestions and recommendations are welcome.
My concern is, data/ip leak with each qubes named above as torrenting can lead to de-anonymizing users on tor network.

Thank you.

No: Bittorrent over Tor isn't a good idea | Tor Blog.

If you want to have anonymous torrenting, consider I2P (although I am not aware of Qubes seeded there currently).

Updated the title to help others find this topic. If you can do better, feel free to adjust it more

Thanks for your time @fsflover

NB: am not trying to BitTorrent over Tor network as am aware of some of the consequences which of course i don’t want to risk.


I want to torrent with my physical IP (not over Tor) but i just want to know if that won’t harm or leak my physical IP to my other separate qubes running on Tor network.

AFAIK you can safely and anonymously use Tor in some qubes while doing something else in other, normal qubes. Tangentially related: Can websites track me across different qubes?.

thanks but that discussion nearly got me confused from the answer i was seeking.

I think i have been answered (more like confirmation)

I was worried of torrent in particular :grinning:.

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