Hope everyone is doing well. I have a few novice questions regarding anonymity with Qubes

I was wondering is there a way to keep a persistent Qube available in which the IP is hidden and I am able to manage and work on clearnet activities ? I am constantly hit with “Access Denied” and I am not sure where I am going wrong. I am primarily on public WiFi when trying to attempt these actions and when the NetVM is connected to Sys-Net / Sys Firewall the IP is showing it’s real time location of where I am at… When I have it on fedora as template along with the DispVm toggled to whonix ws I am given a hidden connection however as stated before, access denied everywhere. My goal is staying hidden and protected for my qubes

Again pretty novice and I am still crash coursing the operating system and just hoping I can get proper guidance. Thank you.

If I understand your need, you want to have a qube that could hide your activity over any network?

If so, a simple and free setup is to install whonix (it’s well integrated) Qubes-Whonix Overview and assign sys-whonix as the NetVM of that qube. All the traffic will be routed through tor.

However, the network where you are connected can figure you are using tor, but not what you are doing over it.

A better option if you need to protect against your ISP or local network is to use a VPN, but it’s not free.

This is expected because they are actually connected to the local network and the local gateway providing Internet access. You can’t do anything against that as it’s how network is designed.

Your computer needs to reach the local gateway to pass the traffic to the Internet. What you need is to have your actual activity being encrypted and hidden (through Tor or a VPN).

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Is there a way to get some sort of 1on1 help by any chance?

Is there a way to operate through tor whilst also doing clearnet work ? also to keep the Qube persistent . Are there certain plugins of the sort ?

The plugin is called Qubes OS, this is exactly the purpose of the operating system.

You can have an AppVM whose network traffic goes through Tor or a VPN, its /home/ data will be persistent across reboots, and other AppVM that just work over the network without addition encryption.


The goal is just to make persistent Qubes that is completely anonymous with a steady fingerprint to operate on the clearnet whilst on a hidden IP.

My Qube settings are as follows

Whonix WS 16
Networking Sys Whonix

If there anything that needs to be altered let me know guys thank you

You can use a proxy, VPN, or Tor for that.