ANN: Wyng incremental backup, new version!


Wyng is able to deliver faster, more efficient incremental backups for logical volumes. It accesses logical volume metadata (instead of re-scanning data over and over) to instantly find which data has changed since the last backup. Wyng also has fast trimming of older backups to recover space, meaning you only ever have to do a full backup once and can send incremental backups to the same archive indefinitely and frequently–many times a day, or many times an hour.

Who Is It For?

Anyone with an intermediate level of skill in the Linux shell and a desire to keep your system backed up; If this is you, then you can use Wyng comfortably to backup snapshots of your VMs including dom0 in a minimal amount of time. One caveat is that Qubes integration does not yet save/restore VM settings, just the VM data.

A Brief Example on Qubes

Assuming you have a LUKS encrypted volume attached to sys-usb, mount it in dom0:

$ qvm-block attach dom0 sys-usb:sda0
$ sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/xvdi backups
$ sudo mount /dev/mapper/backups /mnt/backups

Create an archive and add volumes to the configuration, in this case the data volumes for the VMs ‘personal’ and ‘work’:

$ sudo wyng arch-init --local qubes_dom0/pool00 --dest internal:/mnt/backups
$ sudo wyng add vm-personal-private vm-work-private

…and perform a backup!

$ sudo wyng send

What’s New

Beta release for new v0.3 branch.

A number of helpful features such as snapshot tagging, exclusions, sparse mode, Zstandard compression and LVM optimizations were recently added to Wyng. There is also a new Qubes integration tool under development. They do not affect the core backup code, but are numerous enough to make a version number increase appropriate. Currently Wyng sits at v0.3beta2 and expect only a single release candidate version before full release.

The main branch also has v0.2 release candidate 10. I recommend trying the beta anyway, especially if you’re already on Qubes 4.1 as you will be able to use faster modes such as Zstandard.


Integrated encryption is first and foremost on the horizon for v0.4; this would enable creating encrypted backups without relying on an intermediary such as LUKS or fscrypt. The Wyng issue tracker also lists some other possibilities like volume cloning, differential modes and cloud transfer protocols.

If you have any questions about Wyng feel free to post here in the thread!


Thanks, will certainly give it a try while I’m in the learning phase!

Is it feasible to clone VMs across Qubes installs using Wyng too? Or is that blocked by Qube itself?

Wyng will recognize where different volumes have the same data and save that space in deduplication mode. In that sense it supports VM cloning, where if you clone a VM that has already been backed up then add the clone to the backup, Wyng will only need to send the differences (if any) between the two volumes to the archive.

Also, if you do things like delete a backed-up VM in Qubes and replace it with a related VM (such as by renaming the VM to the old name), Wyng will still only record the differences on the next backup.

Of course, when you ask it to restore (receive) it will compose the entire volume exactly as it was at the point in time when it was backed up.

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Version 0.3.0 Release candidate 1 is now available! :rocket:

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