Android-x86 qube installation guide

thanks for the guide and showcase, this is awesome.

I’ve tried running snapchat on both the 64bit version and 32bit version and both crash, is there a way around it? i really need to run snapchat somehow on qubes anyways

any alternative to this for running snapchat? i tried 32 and 64 it crashes on both

You can try to install it on Waydroid, it has newer android version:

you think the cause of the app crashing is the android version?

Officially it should work on Android 4.4 or newer but maybe there is some problem with Android version or Android-x86 specifically. Personally I’d give it a try.

When attempting to launch the LiveCD with no installation, the “Android” graphic pops up and just keeps loading, and then it crashes and doesn’t boot.

Cannot boot without the above mentioned boot flag:

nomodeset vga=911

Once Android has been installed, should it still require booting via the bootloader menu?

In my case the installation to the disk doesn’t persist and I need to boot from the .iso

each time.

It requires a reinstall each time in order to boot Android, the installation doesn’t persist.

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This shouldn’t be required.

That was my sense also. Just not sure why there is no persistence at the moment.

apps detect model as HVM domU and device name being domU by default, same goes for actual PC CPU and manufacture, is there a way to properly spoof CPU at the very least?, the ISO has built in android root which is useful, unsure it’s possible to get magisk on there with LSPosed to get some modules to spoof hardware, would be useful if you got any idea as i only plan to use some social media apps for communication, don’t want them knowing my CPU…, i know it’s technically counter productive to spoof those things because you’re still creating a unique finger print but even then, having the app know what CPU I’m running is not good.